Planning for retirement

Work with us to identify your financial and personal goals and transform any challenges into opportunities.

Why come to us?

With retirement on the horizon, you have a long list of questions that you need answers to. You might be wondering when you can afford to retire, whether you are paying too much tax, or what to do with your various pension pots.

Things may feel overwhelming as you gear up for retirement, and we’re here to help provide clarity and understanding for your situation.

Helping you succeed

Deliver a bespoke service

Our solutions are entirely personalised to your needs. So, whatever plans you have for retirement, we’ll make recommendations and follow you on the journey.

Boost your savings

Now is the time to start taking things seriously. We’ll assess your pensions and look at your overall position to see if there is more to be done to increase your savings.

Decide how to use your pension

You’ve been carefully saving, and now we must determine how you’ll receive an income during retirement. We’ll discuss the the right option for you, whether that be an annuity, lump sum or income drawdown.

Your journey with us

Your financial planner will work alongside a dedicated administrator to help you achieve your goals as you begin retirement and the years beyond that.

We will provide you with continuity of service, and you’ll always have a named contact available who is aware of your circumstances and objectives.

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