Protecting wealth

Put measures in place early to legitimately safeguard your assets for you and your family.

Why come to us?

Safeguarding your wealth is equally important as growing it; therefore, it needs to be a fundamental part of your financial plan. You’ve worked hard to build your net worth, so don’t let it go to waste.

To ensure that your family gets their share of the inheritance, you need to plan ahead. From making sure your will is up to date to setting up a trust or finding ways to legitimately reduce Inheritance Tax, there are a number of routes we can explore with you.

Helping you succeed

Inheritance Tax planning

It’s one of the biggest ways to save money so our team will help you arrange your estate so you can maximise the amount you leave to your family.

Care fee planning

Nobody knows what’s in store, so you always need to be prepared. If you must enter into care, we will do everything to make sure your family is prepared financially.

Intergenerational planning

As well as looking at ways to reduce Inheritance Tax, we will get children and grandchildren involved and ensure that your wealth transfers smoothly down your bloodline.

Your journey with us

Your financial planner will work alongside a dedicated administrator to help you achieve your goals as you begin to pass down and safeguard your wealth.

We will provide you with continuity of service, and you’ll always have a named contact available who is aware of your circumstances and objectives.

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